PsyTech psychological tests system

Personality tests

Personality tests are one of the best tools for measuring people's personality. These tests provide people with detailed information about personality type, personality strengths and weaknesses, and personality traits in general.

Occupational and organizational tests

Occupational and organizational tests provide useful information, including the personality characteristics of a person in the occupational and organizational environment, his abilities and skills. These tests are very useful for business and organizational environments, especially employment matters.

Clinical and diagnostic tests

Clinical and diagnostic tests can be used to check the presence of various diseases and mental disorders in people. These tests measure mental health and are suitable for therapists and even the individual himself.

Assistant organizer with your organization

E-Sanj organizational platform enables you to perform specialized evaluation in the shortest possible time for accurate knowledge of human resources.

  • Access to specialized job tests
  • High security and confidentiality
  • technical support
  • technical support

Advisor; Professional companion of psychologists

The clinical e-meter platform helps people specializing in the field of psychology to evaluate their clients in the shortest possible time.

  • Fixing the test taker
  • effectreduction in costs
  • Detailed analysis
  • Saving time

Educator; Along with teachers and academic advisors

The educational platform of E-Sang helps school administrators, counselors and trainers to evaluate their students with tests and completely specialized and scientific interpretations.


  • Specialized tests of intelligence, talent, personality… 
  • Specialized tests of intelligence, talent, personality…
  • Offer jobs based on onet
  • The possibility of exit
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Welcome to PsyTech: Revolutionizing Mental Health Assessments with AI

Welcome to PsyTech, where innovation meets mental health care. Our AI-driven platform revolutionizes psychological assessments by offering precise, personalized insights tailored to each individual. Designed for mental health professionals, educational institutions, and corporate wellness programs, PsyTech enhances diagnostic accuracy, streamlines treatment planning, and improves patient outcomes.

PsyTech provides detailed analyses of your personality and mental health, empowering you with the knowledge to better understand and improve your well-being.

Explore our advanced features and discover how PsyTech can transform your approach to mental health. Join us in pioneering a new era of smarter, more effective mental health solutions.